The Academic Advantage

Lincoln Lutheran provides a comprehensive and challenging college preparatory curriculum for students in grades 6-12 through distinct middle-school and high-school programs.  The Lincoln Lutheran Academic Advantage includes:

  • Accreditation through the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA)
  • Curriculum standards meet or exceed state and national levels
  • Teachers who are certified by the Nebraska Department of Education in the areas they teach
  • Educators that integrate their Christian faith and values in all areas of the curriculum
  • Religion classes each semester
  • Required service hours during each high school year
  • The opportunity to earn over 35 hours of college credit while taking classes at Lincoln Lutheran
  • Small class sizes enabling more one-on-one student/teacher interaction
  • Three computer labs and technology integration in classroom teaching
  • Computer projectors in every room
  • 1:1 Technology

American College Testing

Lincoln Lutheran scores significantly higher on the ACT than national, state, and local averages.  Virtually all of our students take the ACT, compared to "about two-thirds" of students in Lincoln Public Schools, yet the average ACT scores for our students are consistently the highest in Lincoln.  

"The type of education that a student receives at Lincoln Lutheran is best described in two ways: Academically Sound and Christ Centered".
--a parent

Graduate Information

  • 98% of our graduates matriculate at a two-year or four-year college or university
  • The five-year average GPA of our graduates is 3.20
  • The five-year average ACT score for our graduates is about 24, significantly above national, state, and local averages
  • Our graduates are awarded between $2 million and $3 million annually in financial aid
  • Our graduates attend institutions throughout the Midwest and the United States