The Faculty Advantage

Our educational team is made up of caring, supportive faculty and staff members who are dedicated to our students and our school values. Many of our faculty members also serve as coaches and sponsors of student organizations.

Lincoln Lutheran offers small class sizes, with a student/teacher ratio of 15 to 1. This allows our teachers to really get to know your child, and offer instruction that takes into consideration their individual strengths and weaknesses. Our faculty works closely with parents to encourage the development of our students.

"The teachers here really care about the students. They are involved with the students. They have a joy in teaching and in having a relationship with the kids."
--a parent

"The teachers really know their subject areas. They love their subject areas "
--a former student

Nearly half of our teachers have master's degrees, and they average 12 years of teaching experience. Naturally, as a fully accredited school, all of our teachers are certified by the Nebraska Department of Education.

Some Specifics

Below are just a few specific ways that our teachers incorporate their knowledge and experience into unique learning opportunities:

  • Michelle Metzger takes Calculus students to visit a local farm and use their advanced math skills on a variety of real world problems.
  • Lloyd Sommerer incorporates experiences he's gained running his own web site design business as students in his Multimedia Design class build web sites of their own.
  • Lyle Ziems captures the imagination of Physical Science students as he leads them in the construction of Rube Goldberg like contraptions constructed from simple machines.
  • One of the ways that Nathan Bassett ensures that students understand history is by having them create a children's book covering an aspect of the time period they are studying.