The Parent Advantage

Parental Involvement

Lincoln Lutheran parents are an integral part of our school family. In support of our mission, parents provide of their time and expertise to make Lincoln Lutheran a better place for all students.

Many parents serve in volunteer roles as coaches, activity sponsors, committee member, and help coordinate the many sporting events and activities that take place at Lincoln Lutheran.

Parental Support

One of the real blessings that Lincoln Lutheran offers is to belong to a community where parents who care about and are involved in their child's education are the rule rather than the exception. Having your student surrounded by people who believe that Christianity and education are important has a discernable positive effect on attitudes and outcomes.

"Our school has active parents, and it makes a difference."
--an active parent

As parents you are part of a family.  We work together with parents to raise young people to glorify God and to succeed in the world in which He has placed us.