The Spiritual Advantage

Lincoln Lutheran exists to equip young people to be faithful disciples of Christ Jesus throughout their lives.  Our educators integrate Christian faith and values in all areas of the curriculum.  Through classes, chapels, activities, and personal relationships, the message of the Bible is interwoven into the lives of students.

Our athletes show sportsmanship and lead chapels for local elementary schools.  Our musicians bring God's word to others through music in concerts and in chapel.  Our graduates are equipped to display their faith in all they pursue.  Lincoln Lutheran partners with families in the process of building a Christ-centered spiritual foundation that will last a lifetime.

"The teachers really mentor and practice what they preach."
--a parent

Chapel Services

Twice weekly Chapel services are a  way for students to participate in and lead worship in our school community. Typically, the first chapel of the week is led by a faculty member, and the second chapel of the week is led by a member of the greater Lincoln Lutheran community, including individual students and student groups.  Students also worship less formally throughout the day during classes, most of which begin or end with prayers or a devotion.

Religion Classes

Students at Lincoln Lutheran take Religion classes each semester.  As students progress, they have the opportunity to explore Christian and Lutheran beliefs through Religion classes that cover Israel and the Covenant, Christ and the Church, and Christian Apologetics.  

"This [school] isn't a bubble. It doesn't isolate students from the world. It gives them a foundation to grow on spiritually."
--a parent


Service projects are incorporated in the recognition that we have the responsibility to live in service to others.  Students in the Middle School participate in a Service Day, where they go into the community to perform service projects.  Students in high school are required to complete a required number of service hours for each year of attendance.


Our faith lives are not only lived on Sundays, in religion class, or during Chapel. We stress showing our Christianity in all aspects of our daily lives, whether in the classroom, athletic field, or the stage or concert hall.  We strive to give God glory in all we do.


The common Christian bond we have at Lincoln Lutheran makes it possible to develop relationships that would be hard to foster in another environment. Relationships between students, between students and teachers, and between parents and teachers are all based on the belief that we are all fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.

"You receive more than just an academic education. I've grown spiritually. "
--a former student