Lincoln Lutheran Middle and High School is a Missouri Synod Lutheran school which exists to provide an excellent Christ-centered education as preparation for college and life to youth in Lincoln and the surrounding area.  Our school is recognized as an outstanding school and serves as a compliment to the other educational opportunities available in the Lincoln area.   The school is governed by the Lincoln Lutheran School Association, Inc.  Each of the seven Association congregations is represented by delegates to the Association Assembly, with the number of delegates varying by church size.  Each Association congregation is represented by one member on the Board of Directors appointed to a three-year term. The Executive Director administers the educational program.

The Lincoln Lutheran School Association’s Strategic Plan was inspired by and will be judged against a Mission, a Vision and a select set of values.


Lincoln Lutheran exists to equip young people to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ by providing an excellent Christ-centered education.


By boldly proclaiming Christ and committing to service, community, and educational excellence, we will be the school of choice in Lincoln.


Christ-centered - We are anchored in Christ as we teach, live and model God’s Grace in Jesus.

Learning - We engage students in learning as we build character, embrace critical thinking and foster a spirit of curiosity.

Excellence - We pursue a standard of achievement and conduct that glorifies God and reflects the desire to continually improve.

Community - We exist in community and work together with families, Lutheran churches and supporters to provide Christian Secondary Education.

Service - We reflect Christ’s love by living out a life of service to others.