Leaders of Trinity, Redeemer and Calvary Lutheran Churches created the Lincoln Lutheran School Association in the late 1950’s. The mission of the newly formed Association was to create a separate Junior High School to address the lack of space faced by the existing K – 8 schools operated by Calvary and Trinity. In the fall of 1962, the doors of the new Lincoln Lutheran Junior High were opened at 1100 North 56th Street, our current site.

By 1993, the Association had grown to six churches with three elementary schools and the Junior High. A task force was formed to study the feasibility of expanding Lincoln Lutheran to a full 7th – 12th grade secondary school.   A milestone decision was made to expand the school. In the fall of 1995, a 10th grade was added to the previous grade 7 – 9 Junior High, and Lincoln Lutheran officially became a Junior-Senior High School. Our first senior class graduated in 1998, with 28 graduates. Sixth grade was added to our school for the 2005-2006 school year, making Lincoln Lutheran a 6th – 12th grade Middle and High School. The Association currently consists of eight member churches with four elementary schools and the Middle and High School.