Mr. Al Blankenship

Alvin Blankenship began his service as guidance counselor at Lincoln Lutheran in 2004. In addition to counseling, Mr. Blankenship has been coaching football and track for 30 years. Mr. Blankenship also preaches in his church and enjoys “driving around with his top down.” Mr. Blankenship grew up in Superior, Nebraska with his mother, father, two younger brothers, and younger sister.

His favorite memory was playing football with the high school kids when he was in 6th grade and being able to hold his own. Mr. Blankenship is now married and has three children; two daughters and one son. Mr. Blankenship had another son but sadly, he passed away. Mr. Blankenship attended college at Peru State College and University of Nebraska, Kearney.

Before Mr. Blankenship taught at Lincoln Lutheran he worked at Kearney Youth Development center for five years, Pleasant High School for one year, and Waverly High School for forty years. Mr. Blankenship first started working at Lincoln Lutheran because he wanted a new experience after retiring from a public school. He also says “My wife thought I was having too much fun just coaching football.” Mr. Blankenship’s favorite thing about Lincoln Lutheran is the students and the religious atmosphere.

Mr. Blankenship retired after the 2010-2011 school year.

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Guidance Director & National Honor Society Advisor