Ms. Francee Bailey

A new face you may have seen around Lincoln Lutheran is sixth grade teacher Frances Bailey. She goes by Francee Bailey or more commonly Miss Bailey and she is from Palatine, IL. She attended Palatine High School and then went on to attend Concordia University in Wisconsin.

Miss Bailey decided to come to Lincoln Lutheran becuase she felt the Lord was calling her and she wanted to see what Husker football was all about! This is her first teaching job and she is loving it.

She teaches social studies, math and science. Her favorite memories of being at Lincoln Lutheran so far include the Sixth Grade Retreat, becoming closer with the staff, and just teaching the "amazing" sixth graders. She plans to help out with girls middle school basketball as an assistant coach.

Miss Bailey loves having the chance to watch her students grow in multiple ways. She says coming to Lincoln Lutheran each day is a joy and she looks forward to teaching students who in turn tech her to be a better person.

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Science and Math