Mrs. Mariel Olp

Mariel (Nuckols) Olp began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran in 2009. She teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies and one period of 8th grade religion. Having a Dad who was a pastor and a chaplain gave Mariel a pretty diverse childhood that took place all over the country. Most of her growing up, though, was done in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated from Lutheran High School in Kansas City and then attended Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. In May 2010, she married Landon Olp. Landon is currently attending graduate school at UNL and is working on his doctorate in biology. They have a deranged cat named Finch. Besides teaching, Mariel also heads up the speech department and the drama department. She has participated in theater since she was in first grade and enjoys watching her students excel on stage. 

Teaching is a passion of Mariel's, and the thing she enjoys most about teaching at Lincoln Lutheran is the ability to work on a daily basis with fellow Christians to instruct and guide and encourage the future. In her free time, if such a thing exists, Mariel loves to read, scrapbook, paint, and travel. She has been to most of the US and has ventured as far as Romania, Germany, and Ireland. It is her dream to take her students to a different country and really show them the people and places of the world around them.

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(402) 467-5404
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Main Responsibilities: 
Social Studies and Drama