Mrs. Susie Francis

Susie Francis is Lincoln Lutheran's Receptionist/Secretary. This is a short bio about her and her work here at Lincoln Lutheran. She has been working here at Lincoln Lutheran for about 20 years now. Lincoln Lutheran is the only school at which she has worked. Her favorite memories have been watching all the teams who have won state here at Lincoln Lutheran. She likes being at Lincoln Lutheran because she likes the students.

Susie grew up in Swanton, NE. She attended high school at Western, NE. She went to Joseph's College for about two years. She has three sisters and one brother who passed away. She has four kids and is married to Dennis Francis. She also has two grandchildren. Susie originally decided to come to Lincoln Lutheran because she wanted to go back to work. Lincoln Lutheran had a job opening as a cook. She worked as a cook here for seven years and then she has been the Receptionist since then. Thank you Susie for being the best Receptionist/Secretary ever!

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