Activity Panels

Assigned To: 
Brian Klintworth

Right now we have a simple page at the path for each activity. We want a panel that includes the simple page, a photo gallery, recent news items, results from events for compititions, upcoming events, upcoming practices and awards/records.

We did this in drupal 5 with a panel that accepted arguements for (a) the description node (b) taxonomy terms to use to pull the remaining data. Then we created a lot of paths like: activities/athletics/basketball/girls -> activities/1131/6 7 10 40 64 65. There are multiple terms to put the "athletics" news on all of the individual athletic team pages.


Open the following tabs to make things a bit quicker:

For each activity that you want to change:

  1. Edit the basic desription node for that activity
  2. Add a teaser to control how much of the node to display in the panel (could be the whole body)
  3. Add "/description" to the end of the url path settings because we will be reusing the current path
  4. Save then edit again
  5. When you changed the url path a url redirect was automatically created. Delete it.
  6. Look at the taxonomy page and write down the id numbers for the terms associated with this activity. Don't forget to include 31 (activities) and 32 (athletics) or 80 (music) or whatever you have in the current heirarchy. You can see the id numbers by hovering over the edit link. You should have around 3 to 6 terms for each item.
  7. On the URL alias page click on "Add Alias" and fill in the fields (1) Existing system path: student-life/activities/4097/31+32+70+71 The first number is the id of the node that you edited. the second group of numbers are the taxonomy term ids for this activity and (2) Path alias: student-life/athletics/high-school/volleyball
  8. On the Main Menu page, find the activity that you are working on and change the path to the "new" location: student-life/activities/4097/31+32+70+71

Brian Klintworth finished these up a little while ago. --Thanks Brian