Social Studies 8

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Mr. Nathan Bassett

In 8th grade Social Studies, we will begin by looking at a time when our nation nearly tore itself in two during the American Civil War. From there, we will journey through Reconstruction, the industrialization of the U.S., Immigration, Progressivism, and on to WWI and WWII. If time permits we will also study the Cold War and beyond. We will learn about the events and people that shaped and influenced U.S. foreign policy, internal matters, struggles, and triumphs during this time period, from 1860 through, at the least, Japan’s surrender in 1945. Once a week, we will be looking specifically at current events in our nation. In this we will be discussing facts and opinions, and comparing the events of today with some that already make up our history. We will also be looking at a different country each week. We will widen our cultural views and be more aware of the world in which we live.


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