Art Department

The Art Department at Lincoln Lutheran is focused on developing Twenty First Century Learners who are equipped to be self-directed critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, successful collaborators, effective global communicators, culturally aware, and empathetic of other's needs. We focus on our vocational callings to develop authentic relationships and interactions as family members, employees/students, community members, congregational members, and citizens. The visual arts are the lens through which we not only learn about the world, but how we can communicate with the world and interpret our experiences in the world. Through drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printing... we consider our own experiences, our communities, and global issues. 

The Art Department also hosts the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and Art Club. NAHS recognizes and encourages student skills, interests, and opportunities in the visual arts, while striving to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service. We work to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. NAHS hosts large elementary school art camps, knitting nights, art workshops like fusing glass, and visiting artists events. We also attend local art events such as the University of Omaha's Throw-A-Thon and The Joslyn Museum of Art's Draw-A-Thon. We take art tours to Omaha, Kansas City, Des Moines, and St. Louis annually. 

Visit the national NAHS website at