Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

English 40 Credits
Interpersonal Communications 5 Credits
Math 30 Credits
Science 30 Credits
Theology 40 Credits (5 credits for every semester of enrollment)
Social Science 30 Credits
US Government 5 Credits
Foreign Language 20 Credits
Physical Educations 5 Credits
Personal Finance/Career 5 Credits
Health & Wellness 5 Credits
Visual/Performing Art 10 Credits
Career/Technical Education 10 Credits
Computer Science 10 Credits
Electives 25 Credits
Total Credits 270 Credits

Community Service Requirements

All Lincoln Lutheran High School students are required to fulfill a service requirement each year of attendance. The service requirements vary by grade. Up to 5 hours of service performed by a parent with the student may be used to meet the service requirement each year.

Freshmen 5 hours
Sophomores 10 hours
Juniors 15 hours
Seniors 20 hours (at least 10 of which must be from church related activity or activities)

Additional Graduation Requirements

Students must also have a satisfactory attendance record, give evidence of Christian conduct through appropriate behavior as a member of the Lincoln Lutheran community, meet all financial obligations, and receive faculty approval prior to graduation.