College Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities 

Scholarships can be awarded to qualified students through many sources. The most substantial opportunities for earning scholarships are typically found through a specific college or university that has accepted your application to become a student. Be sure to explore your post-secondary institution's website and contact the financial aid office to discover what is available to you.

EducationQuest - Your Main Resource for Financial Aid Information

This is a free resource for students and families to explore all things involving financial aid including any and all questions regarding the FAFSA. You may contact EducationQuest in Lincoln and make an appointment to speak with a financial aid expert (highly recommended by the Guidance Director) and learn more from their website:

1300 O Street
Lincoln, NE
(402) 475-5222

Scholarship Resources on the Web...Check out these other free scholarship searches!                                                                              

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities often come through the Guidance Department. When notice of a scholarship opportunity has been received, it will be posted on the Lincoln Lutheran website in the space below. A brief descriptor and the application deadline will be listed.

Explore the scholarship opportunities listed below. Students and parents/guardians should partner together to make choices about what to apply for. If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of a scholarship website or application, please contact the Guidance Director. should NEVER need to pay for scholarship services or searches.

(Lincoln Lutheran scholarships and Lutheran Education Foundation scholarships will become available in the Spring of 2​019)​​

  • NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.  This scholarship award honors high school women who are active and interested in computing and technology and encourages them to pursue their passions.  It's a multi-tiered competition with awards available at the state and national level.  State level winners are eligible for a $1000 scholarship to UNL, a $3000 scholarship to UNK or a $1000 scholarship to UNO for those in a computer related major.  This competition is open to girls in grades 9-12.  The deadline to apply is November 5, 2018.  For more information and application details go to:

  • PhentermineClinics Health Scholarship. is a popular resource with the goal of connecting people  with resources and medical professionals to assist them in their weight loss journey, as well as maintenance of a healthy, rewarding lifestyle.  They are offering a $1000 scholarship to current high school seniors.  Selection is based on a unique 1000 to 2000 word essay about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle in 2018.  Essays should be submitted via email before December 31, 2018.  One winner will be selected by January 15, 2018.  For more information and application instructions go to:

  • Annual CGTrader Scholarship.  CGTrader is the largest 3D marketplace and they annually challenge students to dig into the field of technology by writing an essay on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives.  This year the topic is "Our life on a spaceship: the future of mankind."  Essays should be 500-1000 words in length and applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  The deadline to submit an essay is December 14, 2018.  The winning essay will receive $2000 and the two runner-up essays will receive $500.  Find more information and link for online essay submission at:

  • Hy-Vee Foundation Scholarships.  Hy-Vee Foundation is offering eighty $1000 scholarships to students who are employed by Hy-Vee or who have parents who are employed by Hy-Vee.  Qualified students are eligible to apply every year.  Applications must be postmarked on or before February 8, 2019.  Find more information and application at:

  • Learn to Dream Scholarship. This is a needs-based scholarship for students to attend Southeast Community College in Beatrice, Lincoln, or Milford. This scholarship, funded by Union Bank, the Acklie Charitable Foundation and Nelnet, pays tuition and fees for up to 60 semester credits.  Applicants must be enrolled in a public or private school at the beginning of 12th grade, be approved for free or reduced lunches and must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or high while at SCC.  Download an application by clicking on "2018-19 LTD app" link at the bottom of this page.  

  • The Trinity Lutheran Scholarship.  Scholarships of $5000 to up to $12,000 are available to members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lincoln who are pursuing a career in church work in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Apply at least 60 days prior to the start of the school term for which the scholarship is being requested.  Click the "Trinity Lutheran Scholarship Fund" link at the bottom of this page for more information and the "Trinity Scholarship Application" link for an application form to be turned in the the Trinity Church office.  

  • Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest.  Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Entries are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here:

  • Amigos Student Tuition Employment Program.  Earn up to $4000 a year for college in addition to your hourly wages by working part time at Amigos while you are in high school.  Students who commit to working between 15 and 30 hours a week can earn from $2000 to $4000 per year for college.  Can be used at any college or university.  There is no GPA or major requirement.  Graduation bonus and Prime time bonus are also available for Amigos employees ($200-$400).  For more information about earning money for college in addition to your wages by working at Amigos or to apply for a job at Amigos go to:

  • Beauty + Wellness Scholarship for Women.  Skin Care Ox is awarding $4000 a year in college scholarships to support the health of college women.  Each quarter $1000 plus a care package filled with healthy organic goodies is awarded to a young woman who is striving to maintain her health and wellness as she pursues her higher education goals.  All majors and GPAs are welcome to apply.  Must be a high school senior or college student, female and a US citizen.  Quarterly deadlines are January 1, March 31st, June 30th and September 30th each year.  Selection is based on a 500 word essay that will be judged on originality, creativity and dedication to healthy lifestyles.  For more information and to apply go to:

  • CPR Near Me Scholarship Program.  This scholarship program is being offered by CPR Near Me and is for all students who are aspiring to study healthcare or education.  There will be a $1000 scholarship awarded every month to a student who showcases his or her motivation to attain a degree by submitting a written essay.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum GPA of 2.8.  Find more information and application instructions at:

  • EducationQuest Get Social Scholarship for grades 9-12.  Follow EducationQuest on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Each time EducationQuest reaches specific follower milestones on social media pages, they will invite current and new followers to enter into a drawing for a $500 scholarship.  They will announce on social media when a milestone is reached and will provide a link to a scholarship entry form. You will have 72 hours to submit the form.  The scholarship will be awarded in the form of a 529 savings plan.  Winners who do not have a 529 savings plan will need to set one up.  To be eligible, you must be a Nebraska resident in grades 9-12 or the parent of a student in grades 9-12.  For more information go to:

  • ZipRecruiter Scholarship. ZipRecruiter is offering a $3000 scholarship to the student with the most creative essay entry.  Applicants must be 18 years of age and submit a 500-800 word essay describing their past and future work experience.  Must be a US resident.  Scholarships are awarded quarterly.  Check out the website for deadlines for each quarter.  For more information and application go to:

  • Under the Open Sky Scholarship.  Under the Open Sky is offering a $950 scholarship to students who create a 2500 word essay on the "Best Product 2018.  You can choose any category of Hunting or Fishing product with Amazon and write a review that will help buyers with a product choice.  Applicants must be high school seniors and submit a unique, creative piece.  Deadline to apply is June 30, 2018.  Scholarship will be paid directly to the winner's school.  For more information go to:

  • KidGuard for Education Scholarship Program.  The KidGuard for Education Scholarship is part of an effort to bring awareness and inspire solutions for issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood depression.  All students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply.  KidGuard will be awarding multiple scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000.  This is an ongoing annual scholarship with the annual deadline apply being October 31. Selection will be based on an essay or video about one of the prompts provided on the KidGuard website.  For more information and essay/video prompts go to:


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