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A meeting that is not a practice.

HS Art Honor Society Meeting

Executive Summary: 
HS Art Honor Society Meeting - meet in the Media Center

Music Dept. Booster Meeting

Executive Summary: 
Music Dept. Booster Meeting - in music room

Dual Credit Meeting

Executive Summary: 
Dual Credit Meeting - for Jrs. & Srs. in Main Gym

Senior/Parent Information Night

Executive Summary: 
Senior/Parent Information Night - Main Gym

Musical Auditions

Executive Summary: 
Musical Auditions - HS students in small gym

MS Volleyball Meeting

Executive Summary: 
MS Volleyball Meeting - small gym

HS Drama Parent Meeting

Executive Summary: 
HS Drama Parent Meeting - meet in the Commons

Booster Club Meeting

Executive Summary: 
Booster Club Meeting - meet in the Commons

All School Open House

Executive Summary: 
All School Open House

Fall Activities Information Night

Executive Summary: 
Fall Activities Information Night - Look at the list of each individual sport meeting times

6:00pm - MS Football - Commons

6:00pm - MS Volleyball - Media Center

6:00pm - Marching Band - Music Room

7:00pm - MS and HS Cross Country - Room 00

7:00pm - HS Girls Golf - Room 104

7:00pm - HS Volleyball - Media Center

7:30pm - HS Football - Commons