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Technology Flea Market

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Computer Flea-Market: cheap computers & misc technology

Lincoln Lutheran will be holding it's semi-annual technology flea-market in the commons this Saturday (May 12th) from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Each year we update about 25 computers. The old computers get put into classrooms and those computers (typically from 5-8 years old) are sold at our technology flea-market. In addition to the computers, we have various other pieces of hardware and software that has been taken out of service in the course of the last 12 months.

Programming Contest Results

On Friday, March 30th six Lincoln Lutheran students spent the day at the University of Nebraska taking part in Computer Science and Engineering day. The students toured UNL's computer science facilities and heard about some of the research projects underway by gradulate students and undergraduates, but the highlight of the trip was a two and a half hour long programming contest.

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PowerSchool iOS app

Pearson has recently released a set of apps that will allow parents and students to access their PowerSchool information on any iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). The apps are free and you can find them on the iTunes App Store by searching for "Pearson School Systems". These apps do not provide any additional functionality, but can be a convenient tool for accessing grades, assignments and so forth.

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Summer computer class

Each summer, Lincoln Lutheran offers an intensive two-week Computer Applications course, and each year the course is nearly full. The course is a non-graded, competency based class, where students can advance at their own pace. The class meets from 8:00 am until noon, but because the course is self paced and mostly centered around online activities, some students can work longer either at school or at home if they want extra practice or just want to get ahead of the game.

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Summer Computer Class

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Summer Computer Class - Mac Lab

Students Build Websites

Twenty Lincoln Lutheran students built websites this semester as part of the class Multimedia Applications. Starting from scratch, students learned HTML tags and used them to create a website on the topic of their choice. Topics varied widely, ranging from Camp Luther to Healthy Snacks to Warrior Basketball. You can see all twenty websites at

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Technology Flea Market on Saturday, May 15th

Lincoln Lutheran's semi annual Technology Flea Market will be held this Saturday, May 15th from 9:00am until 2:00pm. You'll be able to purchase used, but functional, computer equipment priced to move. This year we will also have items from Messiah Lutheran, so the selection will be bigger than ever.

Tech Flea Market

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Technology Flea Market. Buy used technology equipment from Lincoln Lutheran, Messiah and others.

LL Students build websites

Twenty-four Lincoln Lutheran students built websites last semester as part of the class Multimedia Applications. Starting from scratch, students learned HTML tags and used them to create a website on the topic of their choice. Topics varied widely, ranging from Family Recipies to Investing to The Differences Between Norway and the USA. You can see all twenty-four websites at

In the past we've used the free service Geocities to build student websites, but after Geocities closed last summer we had to try something else. Having an actual domain name and using an FTP program to move files has made the whole experience very realistic. Students were excited at the number of people who visited their websites.

Students who have an interest in designing websites can take the semester long class Website Design where we go through each step of creating a working, interactive website. From picking a domain name and hosting company to deciding on a content management system, all aspects of running a website are covered. Website Design class is only offered every other semester, so plan ahead.

Mr. Lloyd Sommerer

Lloyd Sommerer began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran in 2001. He graduated from college at Concordia, Seward with degrees in education and computer science. His first teaching position was in Washington D.C. where he taught seventh and eighth graders. Mr. Sommerer grew up on a small farm in Missouri where his family grew tobacco and raised beef cattle. His family now consists of his wife Lauren and three kittens: Ralph, Waldo & Emerson.

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