Speech & Drama

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There's Music in the Air

The muscial production of the 2009-2010 year is going to be the hiliarious play, "How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying".  This hysterical stage performance is about a man who goes from a window-washer to the vice-president of a company in a short period of time.  Auditions for this production took place on December 16 and ended up being a long night.

An amazing total of 32 students tried out for this upcoming production in May and all brought a variety of drama to the auditions with them.  With this many students, it took about four hours for the auditioning process.  In the end, students were chosen for their chemistry with each other and their abilities to fit the part and take direction.  "There is an amazing core of talent at this school," comments director Mrs. Kris Kuhn.  "There will be excellent choices for next year's musical, too."   

Speech Team=Crazy Creativity

When people think of speech team, it's always the same thing.  "It's boring.  All they ever do is write speeches and practice them in front of each other", "No one's on speech team".  Not even close!  Sure we practice our speeches, but it's not just a serious ordeal.  Mrs. Kuhn and the fellow speechers give criticism, both constructive and, most of the time, random.  Also, this year's team has become a lot bigger which automatically adds to the craziness.  The van rides to speech meets will be insanely awesome!

With about 20 team members, the speech team is able to enter in so many more events than last year.  Without the new members, there would not be as many entries into the meets.  We have two OIDS(Oral Interpretation of Drama), two Duets, many persuasive, entertainment, and informative speeches, and tons of people are doing extempt and impromptu.  If the speechers work hard and keep practicing, the team should definitely end up going to districts and possibly state. 


Mandatory Musical Meeting

Any student auditioning for the spring musical needs to meet at 7:20am on Monday, November 23rd in Mrs. Kuhn's room. This is a required meeting because auditions are coming up soon on December 8 & 9th and there is important information to address and changes from how auditions have been run in the past.  All students in Grades 9-12 are welcomed and encouraged to audition!

Record Size Speech Team Aiming for Return to State!

The Lincoln Lutheran Speech Team is in full swing, practicing every Wednesday after school.  This team is record size for Lincoln Lutheran; there are 20 members representing grade levels 9-12.  The filled-out team allows us to enter into many of the events at the meets and possibly vie for team sweeps and awards. This has not been the case over the past 3 years, at least.  Each team member has chosen a speech nick name and the team decided on its sweatshirt slogan for the year:  State 2010: Yes We Kuhn.  Speech team is zany fun and while we don't take ourselves too seriously, we work hard at speeches and compete.  Coached by Kris Kuhn and added by alumnus Bobby Brown, the team has been moved up to Class B.

"American Idle"

Thirty-seven middle school students have been working hard to present a comedy of slacker proportions.  This Saturday, at 2pm and this Sunday at 7pm, come and laugh at a reality show gone nuts.  All tickets are $5.00 and seats are reserved. You can purchase them via Mrs. Kuhn - contact her at kkuhn@lincolnlutheran.org, or tickets will be avaialbe at the door.  You are invited to a truly middle school show - silliness and laughs.  Chances are you know one or more of these students and will be surprised at how they own their roles.  We have everything from the tough judges, to overly nice Minnesotans, to crazy studio audience members, to tough New Yorkers, to slow Texans and much, much more.  The show runs about 1 1/2 hours with intermission.

"American Idle" Set For Opening Show!

"American Idle" - the game show that looks for America's best high school slacker, will take center stage in the small gym this weekend! By the numbers: 2 crazy directors, 37 middle school thespians, 8 assorted techies, and over 50 promised laughs!  Come and see the show. All tickets $5.00.  May purchase in advance - kkuhn@lincolnlutheran.org -  or at the door.


Middle School Drama

Executive Summary: 
Middle School Drama

Middle School Drama

Executive Summary: 
Middle School Drama

Middle School Production Tickets to Go on Sale

"American Idle" - the first all Middle School drama production will take place on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 2pm in the small gym, and on Sunday, Nov. 1 at 7pm in the small gym.  All tickets are $5.  Come see 36 middle school students act out this spoof of that well known talent show, except this time, the show is looking for who can be the biggest slacker in high school!   TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS THURSDAY.
* all seat are reserved
* all seats must be paid for at the time of the reservation.

To reserve your seat stop by Mrs. Kuhn's room 101 any morning from 7:30-7:50, during school from 11:30-12:30, or after school. The office is not involved in ticket sales.  If you have questions, email Mrs. Kuhn at kkuhn@lincolnlutheran.org

Middle School Drama

The middle school students are working on a production of American Idle under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Kuhn and Miss Nuckols.  This show guarantees entertainment as it is a parody of the show we all know, maybe love,  or maybe love to hate, American Idol. You can support the middle school students, the directors, and the production by purchasing a t-shirt.  It will be a black shirt with the logo very similar to that of the real “American Idol” but with the adjustment in the title and the names of the cast, directors, and the technical and production crews on the back. T-shirts will cost $10.00 each.  Check the next online newsletter for forms. If you have additional questions about the shirts, please contact Sharon Groothuis at 489-3024 (Messiah Lutheran School), 438-9360 (home), or at sgroothuis@messiahlincoln.org.