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Booster Bash

Executive Summary: 
Booster Bash begins at 4:30 with the volleyball scrimmage, hotdogs, chips, and Lemonade will be served

Fall Booster Bash 4:30 p.m. Volleyball Scrimmage 5:30 pm Team introductions 5:30 pm Annual Fund Drive Appreciation 6:00 pm Football Scrimmage Hotdogs, chips, and lemonade will be served from 4-6:00 pm in the commons at LL. Remember to bring your lawn chairs for the football scrimmage. Popcorn and Water will be available for purchase. We will have Family, Individual, and Student event passes for sale.

Teacher Meetings

Executive Summary: 
Teachers report back for meetings and to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Open House

Executive Summary: 
Follow your child's schedule through each class as you meet their teachers & receive information about each class.

New Student Orientation

Executive Summary: 
Lincoln Lutheran welcomes new students and provides introductions, information and forms.

New Calendar for Website is now online.

Executive Summary: 
We just created a new calendar for the website. It has some neat things that the other calender didn't.

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First Day of School

Executive Summary: 
The first day of school begins.

Welcome to Lincoln Lutheran!