Having an electronic device might help students in school. But there are a lot of things students, especially younger students, could get into on their device outside of school they shouldn’t be exposed to. How can I protect my student from those things

This is a very legitimate concern that parents of students of all ages should have about all electronic devices, including iPods, tablets, computers, cell phones, and even things like televisions.  The things students can access on electronic devices can be restricted.  We will provide more information about locking down devices during the 1:1 rollout process.  You can put rules in place about when (only during certain hours, after which you collect and keep the device) and where (only in certain rooms, never in places like bedrooms) devices can be used in your home.  You should demand students let you inspect the devices whenever you ask, let you look at their browser histories, and give you access to their accounts for things like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, if they have them.