What about people who don't qulaify for the Free or Reduced Lunch program?

We realize that it is a big sacrifice for many of our families to send their children to Lincoln Lutheran.

For our families with the greatest need we are committed to provide or help provide a device. We believe that most of our families in this situation can be identified through the Free or Reduced Lunch program. However, we realize that family situations differ and that there might be some families with similar needs who do not qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch program. The Device Scholarship Application (when it is available) will provide an area to address this.

For our families who do not fall in the above category, but for whom purchasing devices will be a major expense we have done two things:

  1. Commit to making low cost devices work as part of our 1:1 learning initiative. Several devices on the list of recommended devices cost less than $200. Many stores will offer 0% financing of electronics for 6-18 months. 9to5Toys.com is a website that lists current sales on tablets, laptops and assorted other electronic devices. 
  2. Provide leasing options. We anticipate leasing iPads for $23, $19 and $14 per month. 

This next bit of advice doesn't do anything to lesson the cost of a device, but incorporating a device as all or part of a birthday/Christmas present might help to fit the expense into a family budget.