What kind of devices are acceptable?

Lincoln Lutheran has the following requirements for devices that will be used with our 1:1 Learning Initiative:

  • Battery life: The minimum battery life requirement remains the same at 7 hours. You might consider a device with a longer battery life if you will want your student to use their device before or after school as well as during the school day. Students are expected to come to school with a fully charged device each day.
  • Screen size: A few years ago we upped the minimum screen size from 7 inches to 9 inches.  Students tended to have more problems with smaller screened devices and students with larger tablets report that they are happier with their devices.
  • Tablet & Chromebook Storage: The minimum memory requirement remains the same at 16MB. Please note however that this is the amount of space that we recommend for school use. If a student will have their personal games, music, photos and videos on a device then you should look for a device with more memory, expandable memory or cloud storage.
  • Tablet Type: Students have had more problems with certain types of tablets than others. While these devices might work fine for some applications, they don’t work well for school work. We no longer recommend Android devices (including Kindles and Nooks). We also don’t recommend Windows Tablets that use the discontinued version of Microsoft Windows (Windows RT).

There is a list of currently recommended devices here: Educational Tablet & Laptop Guide Spring 2018