What research is available to support the use of a 1:1 learning initiative?

There has been a good deal of research done on 1:1 Learning.  You can access a large number of research studies and articles by doing an internet search on “1:1 Learning Research” using your favorite search engine.  In general, the research shows:

  • Varied results in the area of student learning.  Many studies show an increase or slight increase in student learning.  Some studies show no increase in student learning.  Very few studies show a decrease in student learning.
  • An increase in areas such as: student motivation and satisfaction; collaboration between students; collaboration between students and teachers; an increase in the variety of sources used by students; greater access to information; the ability for teachers to use more varied instructional strategies and greater ease of note taking by students.
  • The importance of teacher training in the success of a 1:1 learning initiative.