Who will pay for the devices?

Parents will be responsible for providing the electronic device. There will be three options for doing so:

  1. Parents can purchase a device for their student. Many of our students already have an electronic device that they call their own.  For a list of acceptable devices go to http://bit.ly/1gnyAiB.
  2. Parents may lease a device from Lincoln Lutheran. The cost of insurance and a case for the device will be included in a lease price of approximately $19 per month for an iPad Mini with Retina Display and $23 per month for an iPad Air.  At the end of the lease period the device could be purchased for a nominal fee.  We are looking at leasing options for additional, lower-cost devices as well.  The lease payments will be handled through FACTS.
  3. Students with a demonstrated financial need may have the electronic device partially or wholly funded by Lincoln Lutheran.  Financial need will be demonstrated using the FACTS financial aid application and Federal Free and Reduced Lunch guidelines.