Will anything be done to help deter the theft of devices?

Lincoln Lutheran can not control loss or theft of devices, but the following policies or procedures will be put into place to help reduce the possibility of device theft:

  • Students will be encouraged keep their devices on their person, secured in their locker or, for 6th graders, in their cubbies.
  • Students will have to become much more aware of the dangers of leaving things laying around school unattended, especially before and after school and during lunch.
  • Teachers will have to become more aware of classroom security and the importance of keeping classroom doors locked when classrooms are not in use.
  • Parents and students will be made aware that iPads can be tracked if lost/stolen and, with the right settings are of no use and have no resale value if stolen.
  • Lincoln Lutheran has a limited ability to track devices that are attached to our network.
  • Lincoln Lutheran will attach asset tags to all of our devices and will make these available to interested families at cost.