Making Lutheran Education Possible


The mission of the Lutheran Education Foundation (LEF) is to develop, manage and direct resources to support and promote LLSA schools, teachers and students.

The vision is A Generous Culture in Support of Lutheran Education.  Our four critical target areas include:

  • Visibility - LEF is the recognized supporter of Lutheran Christian education in the Lincoln community.

  • Finances - LEF develops and prudently manages its resources to enhance Lutheran Christian education.

  • Relationships - Mutually beneficial partnerships exist between LEF and Association schools, congregations and the community for the development of Lutheran Christian education.

  • Processes - LEF utilizes clear procedures to honor donors and connect their passions with school, student and staff needs.

The members of the Lutheran Education Foundation are:

Derek Trutna - President
Corey Stull - Past President
Travis Lebo - Vice President
Rod Smith - Treasurer
Kyle Wooster - Secretary (1999)
Dennis Brink - Campaign co-chair
Mark Fahleson - Campaign co-chair
Daryl Bell​
Cory Bergt
Amanda (Kisker) Heins  (2009)
Curtis Klein
Ron Kuehn  (1972)
Mark McDonald
Kevin Meyer
Trudy Meyer
Ally (Mendenhall) Money  (2005)
​Nathan Schmidt
Jason Schwab  (2000)​
Mike Staab
Randy Wilcox
Scott Ernstmeyer - Executive Director – LLSA/LEF  (1989)
Lloyd W Wagnitz - Director of Ministry Advancement – LLSA/LEF

**Alumni noted by (Year)