Wish List

Each year there are items that teachers would like to have to enrich the instruction in their classrooms, but are unable to find funds for in the budget. The wish lists below represent a way for you to get these items into the hands of our Lutheran teachers and students.

You may donate the money needed to purchase the item or you may donate the item itself. If you donate the item, we would like to encourage you to contact the school directly, so you can purchase the item they have requested.

The items on this list change during the course of the year. If you don't see anything that you would like to donate to now, please check back later. Any question about items on the lists below should be directed to the appropriate school principal.

Lincoln Lutheran Middle / High School 

Matt Heibel  467-5404 mheibel@lincolnlutheran.org

  • Items will be updated periodically

Christ Schools 

Mark L'Heureux 483-7774 mlheureux@christlutheranchurch.org

  • Items will be updated periodically

Faith Lutheran School

Krista Barnhouse 466-7402 kbarnhouse@faithlincoln.org

  • Items will be updated periodically

Messiah Lutheran School

Matt Stueber 489-3024 mstueber@messiah.us

  • Items will be updated periodically

Trinity Lutheran School

David Geidel 466-1800 dgeidel@trinitylcms-lincoln.com

  • Items will be updated periodically