Bonus Opportunity

* * * * * BONUS OPPORTUNITY * * * * *

Include an album of photographs reflecting your entire science fair project experience, starting with finding an idea (noticing the world around you) all the way through completion of the display board. In order to receive full bonus credit on the photo album the following steps must be reflected and labeled:

1. Notice the world around you.
2. Log book - show yourself making entries.
3. Investigation - library, human interview(s), etc.
4. Hypothesis
5. Experimentation - getting materials, building, testing, collecting data, helpers, etc. You may have several photographs of this one.
6. Organizing data.
7. Conclusion
8. Display - construction
9. Report - writing and typing

A. Organize the pictures in the order listed above.

B. Clearly label individual pictures or groups of pictures in terms of which steps they reflect and any other information or explanation you would like to include (i.e. names of people or places).

The amount of bonus credit each album will earn will be dependent on its completeness and fulfillment of the above stated directives.
A maximum of 20 points are possible. That is a lot of easy points!!!!!