National Signing Day 2018

Congratulations to the following Warrior student-athletes that have or will sign with a college for extra-curricular activities. We are very proud of all of you.  More signings will likely occur in the coming months. (pictures of the various groups are attached to the article)

Name                                    College/University, State                 Sport

Kasey Ohnoutka                      Hastings, NE                                        Baseball

Thomas Otte                           Concordia, NE                                     Baseball

Mackenzie Koepke                  Concordia, NE                                     Basketball

Gabby Mason                          Concordia, NE                                     Basketball

Paige Ravenscroft                   Loras, IA                                              Basketball

Haleigh Fitzsimmons                 Concordia, NE                                     Dance

Logan Kreizel                           Concordia, NE                                     Football

James Lavicky                          Nebraska Wesleyan                            Football

Sam Rathe                               Nebraska Wesleyan                            Football

Cole Schaedel                          Concordia, NE                                     Football

Evan Rich                                Northwester, IA                                  Soccer

Kayla Ernstmeyer                    Concordia, NE                                     Volleyball

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