Guidelines for Middle School Students

For those of you who haven't been to a fun night before, we'll be sending home a permission slip in a few weeks that has all of the relevant information. But in brief, here's how they work:

The event is only open to Lincoln Lutheran students and is a closed event (once students leave they can not reenter). Seniors begin setting up for the event at 6:00 and we open our doors to middle school students at 6:30pm. Fun night lasts until 10:00pm. During the evening there will be several activities that, for the most part, are available all evening. The events vary somewhat from fun night to fun night, below are the ones that are run consistently.

  • Dance: We go over proper dance etiquette in Access Class the week before so that everyone knows how to act.
  • Dodgeball Tournament: Teams of 6 signup the week before fun night and participate in a double elimination tournament.
  • Game Room: Board games and card games are available or you can bring in your own games.
  • Photos: In years past we've printed out event pictures, but our printer is too slow and we can never keep up with demand. This year we'll upload pictures to the school website (login required) and let students print as many as they want.
  • Arcade: Play Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution on an eight foot by eight foot screen. This year we're thinking of adding a Wii and bowling, baseball, tennis, golf and so on.
  • Concession Stand: Pizza, snacks and soda are available in the concession stand. Prices are one ticket for snacks or soda and three tickets for a slice of pizza. Students are given 12 tickets to start with, and may purchase additional tickets for $0.25 each.
  • Open Gym: During the first round or two of the dodgeball tournament we will run two games at once, but after that half of the gym is opened up for various other activities. This year we're thinking of adding an informal "extreme 8-square" tournament.

Normal school rules apply, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Please follow school dress code.
  • Some people dress up, others do not. It's entirely up to you. Keep in mind that you might also be playing dodgeball or knockout and not just dancing.
  • Although you can bring games for the game room, please try to limit other items that you bring. There will be around 200 people at fun night and items can be misplaced, lost or stolen. You don't need your MP3 player, we'll have music and DJs. You don't need your camera, we'll have people taking pictures. Don't bring a lot of extra money, at the most you might want to buy a few more tickets.
  • We have never had to do so, but we do reserve the right to call your parents and ask that you be removed from fun night if you can not or will not control your actions.

If you have any questions about fun night, feel free to ask any of the middle teachers.