Guidelines for Juniors/Seniors

This is a quick and easy fundraiser for the junior/senior class. For most seniors there is little to no work before the event and nearly every junior/senior who has participated has had as good a time as the middle school students.

Fun night has always been very well received by the Middle School students because the seniors who work fun night have made it fun. This is great for the middle school students, but also works out well for seniors, because it means nearly all of the middle school students come to fun night. This in turn means that fun nights are a good fund raiser as well as a nice service to provide.

Below are a few guidelines for juniors/seniors to keep in mind as you prepare for and help with Fun Night:

  • Have fun.
  • Wear casual clothing. You will be working and playing.
  • Be familiar with the duties of the activity that you are running and work with the middle school teacher and lead senior to make sure all duties are covered.
  • If you must arrive late or leave early, or if a conflict arises and you can't work, make sure you have another classmate (or other student in a pinch) cover for you.
  • You may need to meet together as a group to discus the activity that you are responsible for. The lead senior in charge of the activity will let you know.
  • Keep in mind that the better this fun night goes, the more middle school students will come to the others that we have this year (and next). This helps your class and the ones that come after yours.
  • No dancing at the dance, even if a middle school student asks you. Politely tell them that, "Mr. Sommerer said that I can only line dances." The middle school students know that you can't dance with them, so they're just trying to pull a fast one on you.
  • Well, you can line dance, in fact we'll need some of you to do demonstrate.