Guidelines for Teachers

With any luck, teachers helping with fun night role should be limited to making sure that senior leads are taking care of business and supervising middle schoolers during fun night.

Individual responsibilities and duties for each activity are listed in the activity portion of the middle school fun night handbook, and you will want to be very familiar with the one for your activity. Additionally, you may want to read over the other activity guidelines to get other ideas for your activity. Keep in mind that the fun night handbook is new, and may need to be improved. If you see a way to improve it, please let me know.

You will each have a lead senior who is also working with your activity. They are there to take care of the planning, preparation and operation of the activity. Your role is to provide any assistance they may need and to verify that said preparation is actually being prepared.

Some activities require more planning and work ahead of time than others. No matter how much or little time before the event your activity requires, please work to follow the time line provided in your activity page. Your senior lead should give you regular updates on their group's progress so that you can tell me that, "everything is going according to plan" when I ask you.

As a teacher, you should not only be familiar with your own activity, but also be familiar with the guidelines for (middle school) students and seniors and senior leads. That way you will know what to expect from those you are working with and the middle schoolers you are serving.

Generally speaking, something unexpected always happens. Be prepared for the unexpected by being ready to be flexible and by planning ahead for things that could go wrong.

During fun night, stick mainly within the area of your activity. Remember, you're responsible for everything that happens there, and if something goes wrong and there is no teacher supervision it will still be your responsibility.