Guidelines for Class Sponsors

With any luck, the senior sponsors helping with fun night role should be limited to making sure that senior leads are taking care of business. There are a few things that need to be taken care of before Fun Night, and we also ask that at least one senior sponsor be present during fun night (you can take turns or whatever).


  • Be familiar with the Fun Night Handbook (that just means read through it so you know what's going on).
  • Provide the fun night coordinator with a list of seniors who are available to work fun night, and assist in choosing lead seniors for each activity.
  • It will be necessary to purchase some supplies for fun night. Decide how you will handle reimbursing lead juniors/seniors and middle school teachers for expenses. You will get a big wad of cash and checks from the middle school at the end of fun night. The concession area will have the largest expense by far. You may want to work more closely with the lead student for that area.
  • During fun night, please look in on the various areas. The middle school teachers are pretty much tied to their respective activity, so you should volunteer to watch their area for 5-10 minutes while they look around or take a break.
  • It is possible that a middle school teacher or a lead junior/senior will approach you about a junior/senior who is not being helpful. If that happens, please take the necessary steps to restore their helpfulness or remove them from fun night.
  • Make sure that no juniors/seniors leave until all areas are clean.

Generally speaking, something unexpected always happens. Be prepared for the unexpected by being ready to be flexible.