Guidelines for Fun Night Coordinator


Lincoln Lutheran


Fun Night Coordinator and Lead Senior will coordinate with middle school teachers, senior class sponsors and lead seniors to make sure that all duties are being covered. In addition they will have other duties as follows.


  • Teacher
  • Lead Senior


The primary duty here is to make sure that everything is in place so that other people can do their jobs.

  • Reserve dates on the school calendar for three fun nights, one each in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Selected dates must work for middle school and a majority of seniors.
  • Turn in activity sheets for each fun night.
  • Prepare permission sheets and give them to teacher in charge of concessions area.
  • Prepare dodgeball tournament signup sheets and give them to teacher in charge of gym.
  • Find five middle school teachers to supervise the various fun night activities.
  • Get list of available seniors from senior class sponsors and choose seniors to help with fun night. Assign seniors and lead seniors to each activity and post the list for the seniors to see.
  • Enter dates and announcements on the school calendar and website.
  • Meet with senior leads to make sure all duties are being covered.
  • Coordinate and schedule all special events from the various areas and post schedule.
  • Lock and unlock doors for the start of fun night.
  • Check all outside doors after fun night is over.


Below is a general timeline for when things need to take place to prepare the arcade.

  • at least 2 months before: find dates, fill out activity sheets.
  • 2 weeks before: assign teachers and lead seniors.
  • 1 week before: meet with lead seniors to check on progress.
  • 1 day before: meet with supervising teachers on progress.
  • 1 day before: post schedule of special activities in the commons.
  • 6:00pm: supervise setup and troubleshoot problems.

Scheduled Activities

These are events that will happen in your room periodically throughout fun night. The timing of events will be coordinated between the various activities so that students can plan which ones they wish to attend. Collect the scheduled activities and assign times to each of them. Then post these in the commons


Supervise cleanup and do a final evaluation of all areas. Turn off all lights and check all outside doors.