Activities: Arcade


Commons (west side)


Several games on a variety of game systems are available for students to play. Your job is to procure games, set them up, manage game lines, show students how to play and maintain high score sheets. Special events may be scheduled throughout the evening.


Students staffing this section should be familiar with different games and game systems so that they can setup, troubleshoot and explain games. Minimum staffing requirements are listed below:

  • Teacher
  • Junior/Senior Lead
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior


The primary duty here is to encourage and facilitate the middle students having fun. Consideration must also be given to keeping the equipment in great condition.

  • Procure (generally from other students) a few game systems and several non-violent games. Any broken game pieces will be replaced out of the money we make on fun night.
  • Setup tables/chairs and screens as needed. Move anything in the way out of the way.
  • Setup game systems using video projector carts.
  • Playing costs 1 ticket per "turn". Determine what a "turn" is for each game.
  • Take tickets and maintain a list of the next people to play.
  • Record high scores and post them.
  • When there is no line to play allow students to play longer. This makes the room look fun.
  • Minimize down time by planning game system changes.
  • Play games with the students when the area is empty.
  • Be active participants in all activity taking place in the room.
  • Plan for some scheduled activities to be held at scheduled times throughout the evening.
  • Cleanup area when finished.
  • Return all games and other equipment to their owners.


Below is a general timeline for when things need to take place to prepare the arcade.

  • 2 weeks before: find donors to loan games/systems, meet to plan scheduled activities.
  • 1 week before: make a list of who is responsible for knowing system setup and games.
  • 1 week before: finalize scheduled events, make sure you have supplies/prizes
  • 1 week before: determine how to connect game system sound system to projector carts.
  • 2 days before: bring all games/systems/supplies and store in supervising teacher's room.
  • 6:00pm: bring supplies to your area and setup for fun night.

Scheduled Activities

Below are suggested ideas for scheduled activities. These are events that will happen in your area periodically throughout fun night. The timing of events will be coordinated between the various activities so that students can plan which ones they wish to attend. This is not meant to serve as a complete list. Just some ideas to get you started. For the arcade room, some activities can simply be announcing the start time for any specific games/systems, so that people who would like to play that game can come when other people who want to play are in the game room. Don't be surprised or disappointed when at least one of your events flop.

  • Announced start time for certain games/systems. (games may be repeated throughout the evening)
  • High score contest for top X scores toward the end of the evening.


The games/systems are obviously your main supplies. Any of the following are pre-approved (1 or 2 of each), Other games should be non-violent in nature.

  • Guitar Hero II (or III) with two guitars.
  • DDR with two pads.
  • Wii with 2-4 controllers and a few games.
  • Prizes as needed for scheduled events.


In general, the area you are using should be ready for school to start when you leave. This will mean that the area should be in better condition than when we arrived. Remember that we will be using these areas during the custodial staff's normal cleaning time, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are ready for school on Monday or other scheduled events over the weekend.

  • Return tables, screens projector carts and other supplies to the correct locations.
  • Sweep and mop area.
  • Desks and other classroom equipment to original position.
  • Turn off lights, lock doors.
  • Help other activities cleanup until all areas are clean

Rules and Guidelines

General school rules apply during fun night. The following rules are meant to help the arcade room run smoothly.

  • Maintain "line integrity" to reduce arguing.
  • Don't allow students to mess with the game systems.
  • Don't allow students to argue over rules. Have a junion/senior arbitrate disagreements.