Activities: Concession Stand


Commons and Concession Stand


The commons serve as the social center of Fun Night. Providing a clean and attractive place for students to socialize is very important. The concession stand provides a way for us to provide a meal and snacks to students throughout the evening.


The interaction with students at this station are primarily service oriented. Seniors staffing this area should be very business minded, trying to attract "customers" with good service, plentiful supplies and a clean area. Minimum staffing requirements are listed below:

  • Teacher
  • Junior/Senior Class Sponsor (for check in)
  • Lead Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior


The primary duty here is to encourage and facilitate the middle school students to eat, drink and socialize by providing plenty of food/drinks and keeping the commons clean and inviting.

  • Middle school teacher should make hundreds of copies of the permission slip and arrange for teachers to distribute and collect the slips. All slips should be turned in by the Wednesday before Fun Night (but we'll actually take them late). Use this information to determine the number of students attending and the amount of concessions to purchase.
  • Setup and man the entrance at the start of fun night to mark off names, hand out tickets and collect money. The teacher you're working with should have a list of students who have signed-up and prepaid. Pre-tear 12 ticket strips to save lots of time at check-in. Check students in at the bottom of the commons ramp (or outside if your perfer).
  • Procure all food, drink and other supplies necessary for the evening.
  • Display food/drinks in an attractive manner.
  • Take tickets from students and give them food/drink in exchange.
  • Sell tickets to students who want more for $0.25 each.
  • Provide a sign displaying the items available, cost per item and cost per ticket.
  • Arrange for someone to get more food and drink if supplies run low (this will be more expensive than planning well ahead of time).
  • Arrange the commons in an attractive and "intimate" manner. Unused tables and chairs should be moved to the back of the commons in a neat manner. This might require coordinating with other activities taking place in the commons. Some tables (about 8) will be used in the small gym.
  • Move all Food Service items out of the way in the concession stand.
  • Empty trash cans as needed throughout the evening.
  • Clean tables, Chairs and floor as needed throughout the evening.
  • Arrange to get ice from the kitchen or training room as needed throughout the evening.
  • Coordinate with the pizza merchant concerning the delivery of pizza.
  • Clean area and dispose of unused supplies as the Junior/Senior Class Sponsor indicates.


Below is a general timeline for when things need to take place to prepare the game room.

  • 1 weeks before: coordinate pizza with pizza merchant (ask for $5.99 large one toppings).
  • 1 week before: make a list of who is responsible for gathering which suppies.
  • 4 week before: make sign(s) with prices and items.
  • 3 days before: bring all supplies and store in junior/senior sponsor's room.
  • 2 days before: remind Tammi that you will be using the concession stand so that she can move anything that she want to move to the kitchen.
  • 1 day before: touch base with pizza merchant and make sure everything is ready.
  • 5:30pm: bring supplies to the commons and setup for fun night.


The food and drink are the obvious main supplies.

  • Snacks. You'll need enough for about 240 servings of snacks. Each snack serving should be about a cup in size. You should have a few varieties available. Popcorn, Pretzels, Cheese Puffs, Puppy Chow have been used in the past. Store brands are okay, but spending the very least money possible will tend to reduce the number of students who attend future fun nights. Somthing like: 3 bags of cheese puffs, 2 bags of Chex Mix and 2 packages of cookies.
  • Drinks. You'll need enough for about 240 servings of drinks. Each drink should be about one cup in size. You should have a few varieties available. Store Brands are okay, but spending the very least money possible will tend to reduce the number of students who attend future fun nights. Two liter bottles are by far the cheapest way to go, and can be purchased on sale for around $1.00 each. If you run out you will have to buy them that evening for double that amount. Something like: 40 2-liter bottles is about right: 
    • 25 Mt. Dew (various varieties),
    • 5-10 Pepsi
    • 5-10 Dr. Pepper
    • 5 Sprite
    • 1 diet of each
    • a Cream Soda for Mr Sommerer.
  • Pizza. Godfather’s Pizza (327-7000) 5.99/pizza You'll need about 30 pizzas delivered at various times throughout the evening. Suggested delivery schedule:
    • 6:20 - 15 pizzas: beef, cheese, pepperoni
    • 7:20 - 5 pizzas
    • 8:20 - 5 pizzas
    • 9:30 - 5 pizzas
  • Supplies for the above: cups (min 500), paper plates, napkins and coffee filters (used as bowls for snacks). Your pizza merchant may be able to supply plates and napkins, but you have to ask when you order.


In general, the area you are using should be ready for school to start when you leave. This will mean that the area should be in better condition than when we arrived. Remember that we will be using these areas during the custodial staff's normal cleaning time, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are ready for school on Monday or other scheduled events over the weekend.

  • Return all items to their correct location in the concessions stand.
  • Tables back to their correct positions.
  • Chairs stacked as normal on the tables.
  • Sweep the commons, mop as necessary.
  • Wipe down all counters and tables.
  • Empty all trash cans into dumpster (after all areas are cleaned).
  • Turn off lights, lock doors.
  • Help other activities cleanup until all areas are clean

Rules and Guidelines

General school rules apply during fun night. The following rules are meant to help the game room run smoothly.

  • Don't allow students in the concession stand.
  • Be consistent in the amount of food/drink you give per serving.