Activities: Dodgeball & Open Gym


Large Gym


The primary activity in the large gym is the dodgeball tournament and open gym. Seniors are to encourage students to play games, to facilitate all gym activities and to schedule special events throughout the evening.


Seniors should take the lead in planning, organizing, running, supervising and announcing all gym activities. Because two (or more) activities will be taking place in the gym for nearly the entire night it is important that all seniors working this area be active leaders, in charge of their events. Minimum staffing requirements are listed below:

  • Teacher
  • Lead Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior


The primary duty here is to encourage and facilitate the middle students having fun. Consideration must also be given to keeping the gym and all equipment used in great condition.

  • Middle school teacher should make copies of Dodgeball Tournament signup sheets, provide them to and explain them to students and collect them from students. All forms should be turned in by the the Thursday before fun night.
  • Prepare a suitable tournament bracket for the dodgeball tournament and post it on a wall (in the gym or the commons). Design the tournament so that teams play as many games as possible, but make sure the tournament is over by 9:30. For the first hour of fun night run two games at once on opposite sides of the gym.
  • Prepare the gym by pushing in all of the bleachers (sweep as needed). Leave two sets on both ends of the East side of the gym pulled out 4-5 rows for dodgeball spectator seating.
  • Make sure you have all equipment necessary to run two dodgeball games at once (balls and cones).
  • Help other activities with their setup until fun night starts.
  • Be familiar with the rules of dodgeball and ways to "speed up" games that are dragging on and on and on and on (see rules).
  • Officiate dodgeball games. This generally requires two seniors per game.
  • Report game results by changing team positions on bracket.
  • Actively supervise the half of the gym used for Open Gym. Ask your supporting middle school teacher if you don't know what students should and should not be allowed to do.
  • Plan for some scheduled events to be held throughout the evening.
  • Connect the wireless microphone equipment, but leave it in the closet (run a cord out to the wall).
  • Run scheduled events.
  • Cleanup area (see list) .


Below is a general timeline for when things need to take place to prepare the game room.

  • 1 weeks before: meet as a group to decide on special events, and go over duties.
  • 1 week before: finalize scheduled events, make sure you have equipment/prizes.
  • 3 days before: bring all supplies and store in supervising teacher's room.
  • 3 days before: get a list of dodgeball teams and print them on hald sheets of cardstock.
  • 1 day before: use tape to make bracket on common's wall.
  • Ask Mr. Wiemer if the bleachers should be in or out when we are done.
  • 6:00pm: bring supplies to the gym and setup for fun night.

Scheduled Activities

Below are suggested ideas for scheduled activities. These are events that will happen in your room periodically throughout fun night. The timing of events will be coordinated between the various activities so that students can plan which ones they wish to attend. This is not meant to serve as a complete list. Just some ideas to get you started. In the gym, any group activity that can be finished in 15-20 minutes is appropriate. Scheduled events will be run after 7:30 when we go down to one dodgeball court. Don't be surprised or disappointed when at least one of your events flop.

  • Knockout with prizes for the top x players.
  • Coordinate line dance instruction with the DJs.


The games are obviously your main supplies.

  • 12 dodgeballs and cones to mark the court
  • whistles for each senior
  • 2 9-volt batteries for the microphone
  • 2 stopwatches
  • 1 roll of blue masking tape to make bracket
  • Supplies as needed for scheduled events
  • Prizes as needed for scheduled events


In general, the area you are using should be ready for school to start when you leave. This will mean that the area should be in better condition than when we arrived. Remember that we will be using these areas during the custodial staff's normal cleaning time, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are ready for school on Monday or other scheduled events over the weekend.

  • Return all equipment to the correct location.
  • Push bleachers in or pull them out (ask Mr. Wiemer ahead of time).
  • Sweep the gym floor.
  • Remove tournament bracket from wall (take a picture of it first)
  • Turn off lights, lock doors.
  • Help other activities cleanup until all areas are clean

Rules and Guidelines

General school rules apply during fun night. The following rules are meant to help the gym run smoothly.

  • Don't allow students to exit via the outside doors.
  • Don't allow students to use the locker rooms (they should be locked).
  • Don't allow students to argue over rules. Have a senior arbitrate disagreements.
  • Don't allow students to remove equipment from the gym.
  • Don't allow students to use any equipment in an unsafe manner, or in a manner that might hurt the equipment.
  • If you allow food/drink in the gym, you have to clean it up and perhaps mop it up.

Dodgeball Rules

We will be following the rules that they used in the movie Dodgeball. Which I believe are very similar to the rules found at the National Amateur Dodgeball Association. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and have a copy available for team captains. Here are the spots where we differ from the above rules:

  • If you catch the ball before it hits the ground you get a person back (and the thrower is out).
  • After 5 minutes the game goes to sudden death and players can cross the center line up to the attack line.