Activities: Photo Booth


Front Office


Candid and staged photos will be taken throughout the evening. The quality photos will be put on a computer and students will be able to pick photos for a ticket. Chosen photos will be uploaded to the school website where middle school students can login to view and print the photos.


Staffing for this station will be diverse. We will need one or two seniors who can take quality photographs, At least one senior who is good with computers so that they can oversee the setup and takedown of equipment. We will also need several "customer service" seniors to work with the students and seniors to upload the pictures onto the website. Seniors may switch jobs throughout the night. Minimum staffing requirements are listed below:

  • Teacher
  • Lead Senior
  • Senior photographer
  • Senior customer service
  • Senior customer service
  • Senior technical support
  • Senior technical support


The primary duty here is to encourage and facilitate the middle students having fun. The photographers are the front line people. Better photos will mean that more people are interested in them. Customer service people have to work with the middle schoolers to pick photos. Technical support people have to get the images ready and upload them to the website. Consideration must also be given to keeping the office in great condition.

  • Everyone
    • Clean off counter in Front Office in an orderly fashion.
    • Move computers to Front Office area.
    • Familiarize yourself with all aspects of the photo operation.
    • Cleanup afterwards
  • Photographers
    • Become familiar with the school cameras and how they operate or provide your own camera. If you use your own camera, provide a USB cable and verify that it will work with iPhoto on the Macintosh computers.
    • Take quality pictures of many different students throughout the evening.
    • Take pictures in all of the various activity locations.
    • Make a concentrated effort to take photos of everyone.
    • Encourage people to pose for group pictures.
    • Direct people to the Front Desk to pick out pictures and explain how the process works.
  • Tech Support
    • Setup computers
    • Import photos from cameras into iPhoto.
    • Sort through pictures, editing and cropping for the best shots. There is a lot of room for creativity here with editing and effects if you have the time.
    • Move selected/edited photos to the Fun Night folder
    • Upload "purchased" photos to the website, and move them to the Uploaded folder.
  • Customer Service
    • Help students select the photo(s) they wand to "purchase".
    • Take tickets from students for photos "purchased".
    • Move purchased photos from the Fun Night folder into the Purchased folder.


Below is a general timeline for when things need to take place to prepare the photography area.

  • 1 week before: assign roles to seniors so that people know what they are doing.
  • 1 week before: finalize scheduled events, make sure you have supplies/prizes a needed.
  • 1 week before: make sure that all cameras have USB cables and will work with iPhoto on the macintosh computers.
  • 3 days before: bring all supplies and store in supervising teacher's room.
  • 1 days before: make sure all cameras are fully charged.
  • 6:00pm: bring supplies to front office and setup for fun night.

Scheduled Activities

Below are suggested ideas for scheduled activities. These are events that will happen with your activity periodically throughout fun night. The timing of events will be coordinated between the various activities so that students can plan which ones they wish to attend. This is not meant to serve as a complete list, just some ideas to get you started. For the photo booth, some activities can simply be announcing the times that you will be taking group pictures. Don't be surprised or disappointed when at least one of your events flop.

  • Announced the time and place that group photos will be taken (all 8th graders, 7th grade girls...).
  • Take photos with a certain outfit or prop.
  • A dance with the lights on so that photos can be taken of students dancing.


The computers and cameras will be your main supplies.

  • 4 Macintosh computers with keyboards and mice.
  • 2 extra flat panel monitors and mice.
  • Networking equipment and cables to connect everything
  • Cameras and Docks/USB cables.
  • Any supplies necessary for scheduled activities
  • Posters describing how this works (last year we actually printed the pictures).


In general, the area you are using should be ready for school to start when you leave. This will mean that the area should be in better condition than when we arrived. Remember that we will be using these areas during the custodial staff's normal cleaning time, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are ready for school on Monday or other scheduled events over the weekend.

  • Return all front office equipment and supplies to their original locations.
  • Return all computers to the Mac Lab and set them up.
  • Pickup all trash on floor, empty trash cans into main trash cans in commons.
  • Turn off lights, lock doors.
  • Help other activities cleanup until all areas are clean

Rules and Guidelines

General school rules apply during fun night. The following rules are meant to help the photo booth run smoothly.

  • Don't allow students to cut in line when selecting pictures.
  • Explain that they will print the pictures out themselves (as many pictures as they want).