Activities: Tattoo Parlor


Commons (setup off to the side)


Face Painting is fun and stuff, so lets have a place to do it. This is our most specific activity, so it won't have as much in the way of setup.


Juniors/Seniors staffing this section should somewhat artistic, and capable of looking pleasant even when bored out of their minds waiting for the next middle schooler to want a tattoo. Minimum staffing requirements:

  • Lead junior/Senior
  • Junior/Senior


The primary duty here is to provide an alternate activity for students on fun night. Suggesting what to paint is as important here as the painting itself.

  • Procure face painting supplies as needed (there are usually some left over from the last fun night).
  • Develop a list of tattoos that you can paint for people and paint them on something to display during fun night.
  • Setup tables and put art paper on them. (set them up in a way that makes it obvious that people should wait behind a certain point until it is their turn to get a tattoo.)
  • Tattoos cost 1 ticket each (or free or whatever).
  • Paint people.
  • If things get busy, you might want to have a signup sheet so that people don't have to stand in line.
  • You can offer specials for dodgeball team tattoos (maybe all 6 team members for 2 tickets?)
  • Paint little dood