Ms. Kendra Lothringer

Kendra Lothringer began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran in 2005. This is her first teaching job. She graduated from Concordia University in Wisconsin. Kendra Lothringer has two siblings and she is the oldest. Her sister is two years younger than her, so she always had someone to play with, and her brother is nine years younger. Her family is very close and still does a lot together. Right now, her family lives in Colorado and she lives here in Lincoln, Nebraska. She says that in some ways, Lincoln Lutheran is her family and it is a great family to have. Ms. Lothringer came to Lincoln Lutheran because she loved the idea of starting a new program of the sixth grade and getting to teach a variety of subjects. She also knew that she would have a great place to grow professionally and spiritually. Ms. Lothringer's favorite thing about teaching at Lincoln Lutheran is that she loves the students. She says they have such an energy and enthusiasm for their faith and for life. There is never a dull day. Besides teaching, she coaches drama's One Acts and spring productions. She also helps out with the senior class play. Her most funny or embarrassing teaching moment was during her first year. The kids and she were singing a song about a lesson they had learned and they were all standing on chairs. She was standing on her desk chair and as they were singing, the chair started to spin in circles and she couldn't stop it. The kids and she were laughing for a good ten minutes afterwards.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Sixth Grade Teacher, Drama Coach