Mrs. Nylene Bartels

Nylene Bartels began working at Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School in 1995, and serves as the media specialist. Some activities she enjoys are cooking, antique shopping (mostly looking), and reading (of course). Mrs. Bartels grew up on farms near a small town called Western in the southeast part of Nebraska and she was an adopted only child. However, she had 37 first cousins and many lived nearby. She attended a Lutheran grade school near Tobias. Mrs. Bartels attended Concordia Teachers College in Seward, and 25 years later attended UNL for her Media Specialist Endorsement and for her Masters Degree. Mrs. Bartels' husband is Dennis and they’ve been married for 38 years. They have two grown children; a daughter Chera who is an early childhood special needs teacher in Millard, and a son Chris who is working on a PHD in Electrical Engineering and doing research in speech recognition at the University of Washington in Seattle. Mrs. Bartels came to teach at Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School because after her children left for college, she missed being around young people. She also came for the Christian atmosphere. She had been working at Lincoln City Libraries for four years, which lacked both. She can’t pick just one thing that is her favorite about being at Lincoln Lutheran. In her free time she likes to visit/talk to her immediate family and her extended family and her friends. She enjoys the opportunity to travel and sightsee.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Media Specialist