Ms. Tasha Osten

Tasha Osten began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran as a middle school science and PE teacher in the fall of 2007. Before coming here, she was a substitute in Seward and the Columbus District. She grew up on a dairy farm in rural Columbus, Nebraska. Her dad and her two uncles run the farm and her mom is a 2nd grade teacher in Madison, NE. She has an older brother, Corby, a twin brother, Trevor, and a younger sister, Tannon. Her parents still live on the farm. Her dad milks cows every morning and afternoon, and her mom still teaches 2nd grade in Madison. Her older brother, Corby, is married and lives in Houston, TX with his wife, Sandy. He teaches PE and religion at Lutheran South Academy. Her twin brother, Trevor, is finishing up his student teaching in Houston this semester. Tannon is a senior at Concordia, Seward majoring in graphic design. Miss Osten went to Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. She recently got engaged and decided to stay in the Seward area, and Lincoln Lutheran was in need of a teacher and a coach, so she took the job. Besides teaching, she coaches volleyball and track, and even coaches indoor track at Concordia. Her favorite thing about teaching here is the students and faculty members, in addition to her teaching. The funniest moment she had while teaching was when she was student teaching. It was right before Christmas and she was giving her first unit exam. It was quiet except for the faint sound of Christmas music in the background. She told the students to ignore it and keep working on their exams. The music kept playing and stopping and she and her cooperating teacher couldn’t figure out what it was. Eventually, one of her students named Steven jumped out of his seat showing everyone his musical boxers, which were the source of the music.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Science, Health & PE Teacher, Basketball Coach