Mrs. Jenni Pinkall

Mrs. Pinkall began teaching at Lincoln Lutheran in 2005. She also taught one year at Word of Life Middle School in St. Louis, Missouri, and one year at Concordia University in Seward. She attended college at Concordia University in Seward also. In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and family. She also enjoys jogging, road biking, watching movies, and dancing. Mrs. Pinkall grew up in Burwell, Nebraska. Her dad was the elementary principal and her mom worked at the funeral home in town. She was the middle child of three daughters, and since her dad didn’t have any sons, they were brought up like boys. They enjoyed old cars, motorcycling, riding go-carts, and playing sports. They were a very close family and spent a lot of time playing sports, traveling, participating in church events, and just hanging out together. Since they lived so far away from civilization (a mall, a fast food restaurant, etc) some of her favorite times with her family were going to Lincoln or Omaha and staying in a motel, ordering pizza, and going to a movie. Today she is married to Steve Pinkall, who is also a teacher at Seward High School. One reason that she decided to teach at Lincoln Lutheran was because it is a parochial school. She likes that she is able to teach about God and his awesome creation in science and the fact that she is among of other Christian people. Her favorite thing about teaching here is the Christian environment and the chance to grow as a Christian. Getting to know the students and being a part of their lives and their walk with God brings her the greatest joy. Besides teaching, Mrs. Pinkall also helps coach middle school volleyball and track and also helps organize the Science Fair each year.

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Main Responsibilities: 
Science & P.E. Teacher, MS V-Ball Coach, and MS Track Coach