Project Runway

On November 14, from 1:00-4:30pm, students gathered at school. Cameras flashed as models walked down the runway. Judges awarded scores and the audience cheered.

Project Runway is an annual event set up by Mrs. Carlson. Students in teams of 1-4 people are invited to design, sew, and model an outfit. The outfits must be inspired by the 1967 "Paper Dress", so the students create them out of vinyl cloth. "Tina" Carlson explained the rules and then the teams were allowed 25 minutes at the school to plan their outfits before taking a school bus to JoAnn's. There, they had 25 minutes to shop for all the materials they would need to make their creations. They could spend $5 and use 2 coupons. When they returned to school, the teams had an hour and a half to bring their designs to life. They each chose one teammate to model and spent a short time preparing hair and makeup.

The contest began at 4:10pm with four judges carefully evaluating each model. The judges involved were Jenny "Heidi" Olsen, Laura Karlin, Miss Bailey, and Miss Nuckols. Each model walked down the runway and, with her teammates, described the creative ways the outfit met the requirements. As judges added the scores, the contestants and audience members took a short refreshment break.

Each team then returned to the stage and received positive feedback from the judges. The winners were announced and rewarded with several prizes. The 2009 Project Runway winners were the Fashion Ninja team of Erin Wineman, Sarah Lohmeyer, and Julie Gyland.

Project Runway was a fun way for five teams of high school students to spend an afternoon. Some participants had so much fun they wished they had participated every year!