Website Information

As some of you have noticed, we've had a few problems with the website this year. Because of a problem that originated at the end of last school year, but was not noticed until the start of this school year, we have not been able to update certain pages on the site. After looking into the problem, we decided that rather then throw more time and money at the problem we would begin transitioning to a new website.

You may have noticed the somewhat unified appearance of the site. Some pages, this one for instance, look like they don't fit with the rest of the site. That is because we moved the dynamic portions of the site to the next version of the software that runs the site. With that change we hoped to buy some time while we did some behind the scenes work to prepare for the new site.

Some of you have been involved in the card-sorts and wire-frame evaluations that have helped us decide on the navigation and layout of the next site. We will soon be presenting that information to a company who will help develop a theme for the site.

Which leads, finally, to the point of this article: You are likely to see some changes to the new portion of the site as we move things from the old site to the new site. You might see menus that appear for a while and disappear after a few days. Some links will go to pages that are obviously still under construction. Please be patient with us. We anticipate ending up with a site that is much easier to use, but the process might be a bit messy.