Combo Ruberic Categories for the Win:

  • Modularization & Generalization Program broken into well thought out elements that are of an appropriate length, scope and independence. Individual elements are written in a way that actively invites reuse in other projects.
  • Design, Structure & Efficiency Program is designed in a clear and logical manner. Control structures are used correctly. The most appropriate algorithms are implemented.
  • Readability, Consistency & Naming Coding style guidelines are followed correctly, code is exceptionally easy to read and maintain. All names are consistent with regard to style and are expressive without being verbose.
1 (2)C. Trumbley202
2 (2)H. Hohbein200
3 (5)H. Wineman199
4 (7)M. Hermanson196
4 (6)K. Kohlhof196
4 (7)T. Otte196
7 (7)C. Jenkins195
8 (11)J. Stennett193
9 (13)S. Rathe189
10 (14)J. Admiraal187
11 (15)R. Kond186
12 (16)T. Huynh183
13 (1)U. Soenksen174
14 (4)D. Stowers171
15 (7)B. Sincebaugh167
16 (12)??? ?????????162
17 (17)??? ???????142
18 (18)??? ?????135
19 (19)??? ??????????106

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