Combo Ruberic Categories for the Win:

  • Modularization & Generalization Program broken into well thought out elements that are of an appropriate length, scope and independence. Individual elements are written in a way that actively invites reuse in other projects.
  • Design, Structure & Efficiency Program is designed in a clear and logical manner. Control structures are used correctly. The most appropriate algorithms are implemented.
  • Readability, Consistency & Naming Coding style guidelines are followed correctly, code is exceptionally easy to read and maintain. All names are consistent with regard to style and are expressive without being verbose.
1 (1)Allie SM.146
2 (2)Zac S.145
3 (3)Trevor L.143
3 (4)Rachel Z.143
5 (6)Collin R.140
5 (6)JJ W.140
7 (8)Jacob M.137
8 (12)Khai D.136
8 (9)Ian K.136
8 (9)Ben M.136
11 (14)Jacob G.133
12 (16)Nhu L.126
13 (17)Dylan C.120
14 (4)Gage C.114
15 (9)Ella M.109
16 (12)??????? ???108
17 (15)??????? ????106
18 (17)???? ???95
19 (19)??????? ???29

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