Activity Handbook

Lincoln Lutheran administrators, coaches of athletic teams and sponsors of students activities believe that students who are selected for the privilege of membership on teams, squads, performing groups, clubs and other school organizations should conduct themselves as responsible representatives in line with the school's mission and objectives. In an effort to assure this conduct, coaches and sponsors will enforce a Code of Conduct. Members of teams and organizations must always serve as exemplars of high Christian character and must demonstrate appropriate academic commitment that is expected from all students. Members who fail to abide by the Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action. As recognized representatives of Lincoln Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School, members are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during the season (activity) or out of season, in uniform or out of uniform, on campus or off campus.

Since a primary goal of Lincoln Lutheran is a Christian academic education of all students, each coach or sponsor has the obligation to encourage students to perform within reasonable academic standards as established by Lincoln Lutheran as well as those established by the Nebraska School Activities Association.

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