Computer Sale

Saturday, May 9, 2015 - 09:00
Executive Summary: 
Computer Sale: cheap technology for sale in the commons

Lincoln Lutheran will be holding it's semi-annual technology flea-market in the commons on Saturday (May 9th) from 9:00am - 1:00pm. Each year we update about 25 computers. The old computers get put into classrooms and those computers (typically from 5-8 years old) are sold at our technology flea-market. In addition to the computers, we have various other pieces of hardware and software that has been taken out of service in the course of the last 12 months.

This year our Tech Center students have been going over the items for sale, sorting out the working from the non-working, removing school data and installing operating systems. They are getting some experience trouble shooting hardware problems as they get systems ready for the flea-market.

Lincoln Lutheran families are welcome to attend the flea-market and pickup computer equipment at very affordable prices. Everything will be sorted into "working" (nearly everything is in working condition) and "for parts", but keep in mind that all items are sold as-is without any sort of warrantee or support from Mr. Sommerer.

Here's a partial list of what we will be selling:

Laptops, iPads, Macs, PCs, Monitors (CRT and flat panel), Printers, Keyboards, Mice, Servers, Document Cameras, Wireless Access Points,Projectors, Hubs, Switches, Software (some games), Cables, Hard Drives, RAM, Server Rack and lots of misc items.




Macintosh Computers: About 20 Mac Minis and Flat-panel iMacs mostly Core 2 Duals running at 1.83Ghz with 1-2Gig of RAM and 80-160Gig hard drives. Most have OS 10.6.8 installed. ($60 and up for Mac + monitor + keyboard + mouse)

PCs: 20 computers, mostly IBMs with a few Dells and Gateways. Speeds upto 3Ghz and 4 Gig of RAM ($50 and up for PC + flat-panel monitor + keyboard + mouse)

Laptops: About 20 laptops or various makes. Mostly Lenovo and Dell, but some Apple, HP and Toshiba as well. Most work, but there are some will be sold for parts only. ($50 and up for working laptops)

iPads: iPads and iPad cases, various makes and models. Some other tablets.

Wireless Access Points: Aruba, Linksys, Netgear, D-Link. About 15 total. All were working when we took them out of service.

Servers: Dell 2850s & 2970. IBM ???? (I can’t remember, will look up for later post)

Monitors: Lots of flat panel monitors, 14 inch to 21 inch. ($20 and up)

Keyboards: A few dozen, some USB, some PS2, some Mac, some PC some new and some used; also 2 NorthGate Ultra keyboards ($2 and up)

Mice: A few dozen mostly USB mice. Some Apple Mighty Mouse. Some Gyroscopic wireless mice that work by waving them in the air or by using them on a flat surface. ($2 and up)

Projectors: About a dozen projectors. Mostly Epson, but some other brands as well. Most are between 1200 and 2000 lumens. Some are in need of bulbs. ($50 and up)

Document Cameras: 3 document cameras

Misc. hardware: All sorts of cables and adapters (some HDMI), print servers, hard drives, RAM, server rack, VCRs and DVD players, scanners, speakers.

Misc. Software: Lots of software, some games

Remember, everything that's left is half price after noon.