2009 Distinguished Alumni Award - Randy Klein

Randy Klein

Randy Klein is the recipient of the 2009 Lincoln Lutheran Distinguished Alumni Award.  This award is given annually to individuals who, through their service to the community and/or church, exemplify Lincoln Lutheran’s mission to prepare young people to serve Christ.

Randy attended Lincoln Lutheran Junior High from 1961-1963.  He was very involved while a student helping to chart bus routes with Mr. Petri, singing in choir with Mr. Martin, and serving on a committee that determined a mascot and school colors.   Randy believes LLJHS instilled a strong foundation for a faith walk that would carry through his further secular education and business activities.  He was able to discover how faith integrates into life’s activities, and is not confined to church on Sunday mornings. 

Randy graduated from UNL in 1973 with a B.A. in Business and started his own company a few years later.  He is a lifelong member of Calvary Lutheran Church.  Randy has furthered his education in recent years though courses of the LCMS DELTO program at Concordia University, Seward.  He has also attended leadership seminars on the topics of Worship and Effective Ministry. 

He has served on Stewardship and Evangelism Teams at Calvary Lutheran and is the current chairman of the Lay Ministry Team.  He has spent the past four years as a worship leader at Clark Jeary Assisted Living and has been a worship leader at the People’s City Mission for the past two years.  He has also represented Calvary as a delegate to the Nebraska District Convention.

“There is one thing that touched us from the very first meeting and continues to this day.  God has given him a passion for those that are headed for hell, apart from Jesus Christ. He is driven to serve, to give, to lead for the one single purpose of proclaiming the life-saving gospel message to those that are dying apart from Jesus.  This passion is a gift from God, given to a mature Christian leader, who is serving in powerful ways.”

                                                --Pastor Jake and Jenny Jacobsen

“Randy is a lifelong learner, passionate to live out his faith in Christ in Kingdom service.”

                                                --Pastor Mark Rosenau (former pastor of Calvary)

“Randy is the epitome of love and selflessness.  Knowing and watching Randy grow since he was 14 years old I’ve enjoyed seeing how he is always grounded in his faith, his actions, and his love for the Word.  He walks with the Lord.”

                                                --Calvary Member

“Randy has always demonstrated by word and action that he is willing to step forward and get involved with a variety of needs and mission opportunities.  I praise our heavenly Father for this dear and faithful Christian brother.”

                                                --Pastor Verdell Schramm – Calvary member