Never Alone

If ever a message can be loud and clear, Judy Foster – a survivor of Nazi Holocaust – delivered just that. Foster, a German-born Lithuania daughter of a pastor, spent the afternoon with Lincoln Lutheran’s freshman English class retelling her story. Students created dialogue with her comparing her story with their studies Holocaust literature.

“It was a powerful talk,” Andrew Wendland said. “Of course the novels and the movie were good too, but you can’t really ask a book a question and get it answered. When you hear it in person from a survivor you have proof.”

Foster blended a story of facts with her personal story of faith. She repeated the phrase, “I was never alone.” The message, based on Psalms 46:10, came from her mother to calm her in the midst of some horrific events. It stayed with her even after her mother’s death and reminds her even today that her Savior walks with her.

“She is an inspiring person,” Hailey Backhus said. “She is an example of how it is possible to push through even the toughest moments in life. She inspires me to push through those tough times in my life.”

“It was interesting to hear her tell how there weren’t just Jews put into the camps,” Emma Schmeling said. “Basically anyone didn’t support the Nazi cause was treated poorly.”

Class discussions that followed were powerful, insightful and even emotional at times. Mr. Stoltenow adds with pride of his literary scholars, “they are handling this unit very well. Despite this ugly chapter in our world’s story, it is inspiring to see these young men and women care about the concept of fair treatment.”

Students weren’t the only ones impacted however. When asked if Judy wanted a copy of the pictures, she quickly stated, “I need an 8x10!” In these pictures, it is clear that as believers we are never alone.

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